Augmented imagination.

We are specialist in commercial use of Augmented Reality. Our team consists of marketing professionals, AR technology enthusiasts, virtual tour experts and software developers. Our mission is to broaden human imagination, assist with decision making and improve shopping experience using modern technology.

Authentic presentation, anywhere.

Augmented reality saves time and reduces costs by offering an easy way to present anything, anywhere. Augmented reality provides added value to products and brands with its unique presentation approach.

AR as a service.

WideDimenison offers custom-made solutions to anyone who wants to present their product, concept or space in an attractive and authentic manner. We offer Augmented reality as a complete service including business analysis, design concept, implementation as well as integration with existing systems and user support.

Virtual tours.

Deliver the ultimate experience of your space 24 hours a day. Get another revenue stream thanks to our custom-made solution of paid virtual tours where you can charge an entry fee for each visitor. Check out some of the virtual tours we have made: Galerie Středočeského Kraje, Národní technická knihovna and galerie Trafačka. We can spice up your virtual tour with AR models, video & audio streams. Do you prefer flying to walking? We filmed "fly through" shots of AP Corse's cool showroom using the smallest HD drone.